Monday, February 2, 2015

Watching Eagle Feeding

Silver Leaf Monkey Feeding

Firefly and Feeding Silver Leaf Monkeys tours

Firefly and Feeding Silver Leaf Monkeys tours with MM Adventure Travel ( is a very enjoyable experience will remain in your memory as a very memorable and exciting adventure!

The drive to get to Kuala Selangor will take around 1 ¼ hours from Kuala Lumpur and the drive will take you from Highways to country roads to where the fireflies are and is quite interesting with lots to see on the way. The drive from Kuala Lumpur will pass through the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre and you will see the KL twin towers, the KL tower and many other interesting buildings like the old King's Palace, and then the new one, The National Museum, the Lake Gardens, the Parliament building where the National Monument is, etc. After this, as you leave the town, you will pass rubber plantations and oil palm plantations and also an oil palm processing plant / factory, and driving through villages and much more.

Kuala Selangor, the small town at the edge of a Mangrove swamp, is where the fireflies live. As you drive into the town, you will see the new town first on the right, and then after it, on the left, you will see an Indian temple, a Church and a Mosque, all in a row, side by side and the Chinese temple opposite of the Mosque, and then on the right again, the old town. A bit further up the road, we drive up a hill called Bukit Melawati. At the top of this hill, there is an old lighthouse built by the English in 1907, rain trees, stone benches and lots and lots of monkeys. Most are silver leaf monkeys but there are a few common Long Tail Macaques too. Monkey food can be bought on the hill as there are few sellers’ selling peanuts / green bananas / long beans / sweet potatoes, etc. which can be bought from them to feed the monkeys. The Silver Leaf Monkeys will swarm all over you as soon as they see the food in your hand, climbing on your shoulders and putting out their hands to take the bits of food from you. They are quite gentle and never try to bite or anything like that, just putting out their fingers to take the food from your hand. The view from up the hill was lovely; you can see the river (Selangor River) and sea (Straits of Malacca) in the distance. They are also a lot of old cannons pointing out to sea scattered around the hill with a few of the monkeys sitting on them which is very nice to see. There are also a lot of eagles to be seen flying from up there.

At the nearby Fishing Village, for those who love seafood, you can have your dinner at any Seafood restaurant, dine by river view and watch the sun set over the Selangor River.

You will sit on a big verandah with lots of tables and chairs over the river. The big river flows past and on the other side you can see the mangrove forest. Lots of small boats pass by, some taking people to see and feed the eagles of which you can see flying in the distance. The seafood dinners there are really good, delicious and tasty and fresh, and overlooking the river, it is very breezy with the wind blowing in your hair with such a lovely view to eat by.

After this you will be taken to the jetty where you will board the boats to go look at the fireflies. By this time, it will be quite dark. First you walk on a short walkway with trees beside it, and you can already see some fireflies in those trees, you will see it while walking to the jetty. You then put on your lifejackets and walk down a sloping iron bridge to get onto the jetty and board the boats. The boats go very near to the other side by the banks of the river and glide silently very close you can almost touch the leaves and branches of the mangrove and you can see all the lights of the fireflies looking like the lights of Christmas trees all over the mangrove trees. Every now and then you can see small trees growing out of the water near your boat that it has to avoid. After gliding some way like this and looking at the fireflies lights, the boat will turn around and travel along the other side of the riverbank in the same way until you reach the jetty again and get out of the boats. As you walk back across the sloping bridge, you will see that the trees next to it are also filled with fireflies and so you can stop for quite a long time just looking at them. It is a very magical experience. 

You will have had such a good time, very interesting and enjoyable and it feels like such an adventure that you would probably like to go back and take the same tour and do it all over again.

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